Tempdrop is a smart thermometer that gives women the accurate data they need for the fertility apps they love. Women can use Tempdrop for both natural conception or contraception, even if they have irregular cycles or sleeping patterns, and they can sync the data with their fertility app of choice.
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We recommend Tempdrop compared to the alternatives! 5 Reasons why:

1. Tempdrop is suitable for irregular cycles, including PCOS and the Postpartum period.
2. Tempdrop is for women who want to practice fertility awareness or use it to know their body so they have data to inform their health.
3. Tempdrop algorithm ensures that if you have highly disturbed sleep, are up, are travelling etc - You will still get an accurate reading.
4. You only have to wear it for 3 hours (not 4 or 6 hours like the alternatives).
5. It's less expensive than other fertility sensors.